For students’ use in accessing the electronic resources and the internet.

• The Library’s computers are used to access the online catalog, internet and electronic resources. The computers for the Online Public Access Catalogs are in designated kiosks and are thus solely configured to access the bibliographic records of the Library.

• Computers for students’ use in accessing the electronic resources and the internet are located at the Learning Commons. Use of computers, networks, and other information technologies is governed by the University’s Guidelines on the Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology.

• Use of computers at the Learning Commons is unlimited as long as there are no students queuing up to avail of computers. Otherwise, computer use is limited to only an hour.

• Before using the computers, please leave your duly countersigned ID card and pink card with the staff in charge at the Learning Commons.

• The computers have different operating systems and application software. Should you have a preference for specific OS and software, kindly inform the staff in charge.

• Earphones are also available for use. Ask for these at the staff desk.

• Tablets are likewise available at the Learning Commons. Due to the limited number of this device, availability is on a first come first served basis.

• Use of tablet is limited to an hour. Extension of use can be availed of as long as there are no pending requests from other users.

• Data saving devices like flash drives are allowed provided these are first submitted for inspection to staff at the Learning Commons to avoid virus threats to Library computers.

• The pink card which is issued at the start of classes is for monitoring of electricity usage when charging devices like cellphones, tablets and laptops. Free use of electricity is limited to 20 hours for every semester. Beyond the free 20 hours allotted, a fee of P20.00 for every hour or P10.00 for 30 minutes or less is collected. Payment is done at the Cash Office.

• Students who would like to charge their devices should first log-in at the staff desk of the Learning Commons, Cordillera Studies Collection Library, Graduate Resource Center, or Circulation section. The ID card and the pink card are left with the staff in charge and a number is issued to the student.

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